Dark Brown Casual Clutch

Man’s clutch or Androgynous clutch?
Who cares? You love it, go for it!

This clutch design intention is being straightforward. It is similar to last month design, but for men or androgynous. Instead of using hard leather to portray masculinity, soft leather is able to portray better in this particular design. Why is that so? Notice how the clutch forms the folds when it is grabbed, that is how it shows one’s grabbing power.

Watch the making of Dark Brown Casual Clutch.

Product Details:

  • Dimension:  10.5″ x  8″
  • 1 phone/ cash pocket
  • 4 card holders
  • 2 pen holders
  • snap button (left); magnetic button (right)

IMG_0451IMG_0453 copyIMG_0456IMG_0464

Materials Used:

  • Soft Cow Genuine Leather
  • Red Velvet Textured Fabric
  • Muslin Light Cream Fabric (Inner Clutch)

Special credit to Ren Hau for modeling.

RM75 (EXCLUDE postage)

Leave a message if you are interested in getting this clutch. First come first serve 🙂 because there’s only one of it!!!


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