Accessorised Pink Clutch

Happy Valentine Day!
Just on time to establish this brand Sweatt’s 🙂

Accessorised Pink Clutch design is denoted to enhance one’s elegance. Over and above, it is also designed for users who doesn’t like to wear accessory. The clutch itself can be a part of accessory depending on how the user prefers to hold it. This clutch most suited for attending a formal event as it is slick and able to cover your thigh (useful, indeed hahaha…). Besides, the clutch interior has sewed on card holders and phone holder/cash holder, dividing personal belonging neatly.

Watch the making process of Accessorised Pink Clutch.

However, this clutch is not for sale. The next design onwards will be on sale, stay tuned 😀

Product Detail:

  • Dimension: 12″ x 7″
  • 1 phone/cash holder
  • 4 card holders
  • magnetic button


Materials Used:

  • Korean Saffiano Genuine Leather
  • Red Velvet Textured Fabric
  • Muslin Light Cream Fabric (Inner Clutch)

Special credit to Whitney Yee for modelling photography.


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